Today is my birthday. Happy birthday, me.

I thought about what to do today, since I’m technically on my own here, and it just doesn’t feel the same without family and friends. Not that I don’t have friends here, I just don’t feel like making a fuss about it, especially since I recently had a family vacation in Australia. It kinda feels like that was my present already. Added to the fact that I now have a new laptop, plus I bought myself some pretty pricey sunglasses in July, and I just bought myself a sweater yesterday, AND today I got myself some cupcakes. So, since I got a lot of stuff near my birthday, I’ll just take them all as my birthday presents collectively. Life is good. I have flown in and out of the country a couple times already, I’ve spent quality time with my family on a vacay, I got myself quite a few things, and I bought a book before I came back (in July).

So, it’s no biggie. I don’t need a birthday party this year. Added to the fact that I had a pretty shitty day yesterday and I have an assignment due in 48 hours, I don’t really want to do anything or go anywhere, really. Also, Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas just came out (highly recommend the Throne of Glass series btw).

I was gonna reflect on somethings, but I will just sum it up in bullet points since I’m too lazy to do this lol.

  • I am very privileged to be able to fly in and out of the country while studying abroad.
  • I am loved by my family and friends.
  • I have nice things, good food and clean water.
  • Life is pretty good for me.

I just wanted to take this time to appreciate that. A lot of people, including me, don’t take the time to appreciate the things (and people) we have and I just wanted to do that today. I’m happy right now. And that’s good. (seriously this laptop types so nicely I love it so much lol okbye)

Til next time,




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