Stress Reading

Stress eating? Pretty common. I do it too.

Stress exercising? Normal.

But stress reading? Never thought it happened to me.

Until it did.

It didn’t start off that way. I just stumbled upon a fun romantic comedy novel which turned out to be a series and I was excited to read more of it. So I did. At first it was too fun to stop. I plowed through 4 books before my brain was finally satiated with its hunger. I didn’t realize I missed reading so much. One series turned to two. Since I was enjoying the romantic comedies, I looked for similar ones, and I did (obviously). Then I had a couple tests coming up but instead of putting the books on hold I just continued with the series. If I finished a book, I’d put it down, make a mental note on how much I liked it, and give myself a minute. At this point, my responsibilities (as a student which is to study) would start floating in my head. I had other responsibilities too, which included but was not limited to taking care of my body, staying in contact with my family and friends, and cleaning my room. I’d give it a minute, and then opened up the next book in the series. It was easy. All I had to do was just pull up the next book on the series. I thought, it’d be okay. There was only one book left in the series. I’ll finish that and then when I have nothing to do, I’ll just start studying then.

I did not start studying then. Instead, I looked for more books to read on GoodReads. And I did. I was halfway through another series (I had now turned to paranormal (? supernatural?) romance which was heavy on the things that go bump in the night and less on the romance. Side note: I was slowly but surely going into the romance section which was something younger me would be repulsed by. Younger me did not see this coming. I went in ashamed of myself, and now I actually enjoy it, so younger me can suck it and go find something else to annoy.) when the test crept up on me. I actually waited until the day before the test ‘stress-reading’ to actually open up my notes and go through some past years as revision. The test itself sucked. It wasn’t too bad, but it was awful for my standards. Not to mention the sleep depravation caused by reading and procrastination.

So yeah. Hopefully it does not become a thing. I need sleep more than I need books. If I can’t make myself study, I should at least sleep the stress away. I’m working on it. I should have a schedule. Or to-do lists. And exams are coming up. Here’s to actually getting my butt into gear and hitting the books.

Best wishes and luck to whatever you are doing,




Author: charlinosaur

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