New Year, new me.

I went to look at my old resolutions, and while they seemed doable, I didn’t do them. So there you have it. I am a lazy piece of shit. So this year, I’m going to keep it simple. We’re going to do resolutions that are as simple AF.

  1. only  buy things you will use. or also conversely, USE THE THINGS YOU BUY.
  2. also, stop buying so much black. opt for white or colored stuff instead.
  3. stay in touch with your friends and family. This will prove to be a challenge even without going abroad.
  4. stop guilt-reading. read what makes you happy. If you don’t like it anymore, stop. If you want to reread an old book 50 times, do it. but don’t get lazy. This year’s GoodReads aim: 50 books.
  5. write more. write anything. just write.
  6. take at least one photo a week. be it me, people, things, dogs, cats, ice cream etc.
  7. if I do buy books on impulse, you better damn well read it. money doesn’t grow on trees.
  8. stop saying no. try out for clubs, join sports, die trying, but JUST DO IT.
  9. save money pls. Goal: to go to DisneyWorld with my best emal friend.

I think that’s all I have for this year. 1 & 2 seem like the same thing, but eh. They all seem doable. I’ll have to motivate myself and come back to it at the end of the year, but I hope at least I’ll have crossed out half of them.

Well, I hope you guys had a great 2015 as well. Here’s to a new year, and a new you.





So I came back from work as I normally did, by driving. While I was driving, I heard little mews every now and then. Which surprised me. There couldn’t be cats in my car, right? I locked the doors, there’s no way in. Right? So I let it be and just went home. And when I got home, I let my dog outside every now and then to let her pee and smell things, like dogs do. And there it was again. And Jojo heard it too, so I couldn’t be hearing things. Could I? Or maybe it was a ghost cat?

But no, it was a cat. Specifically, it was a kitten. It couldn’t have been more than 6 weeks old, I guessed. I don’t have any nice pictures, but maybe I’ll upload it later. I googled it, so it’s around 6 weeks. I think. The gender I’ll have to check again tomorrow just to be sure, but I think it’s a tomcat even though I started referring it as a she like ever since I got her out of my car. So I took it out, I cleaned its eyes because holy crap that was really gross and dirty where was your mom?! I cleaned up the eyes the best I could and the nose a little bit and I let it walk around a little bit and tried to give it some water. And then we put it in a box. The proverbial we being me and my sister holding my frantic dog who just wanted to smell the kitten and/or kill it.

I asked a few friends and someone’s mom agreed to take it  in, so that’s nice. It’ll be out of my hands soon. I mean, it’s not like I don’t want to keep it. I’m leaving in two months and I have a dog who chases cats. Plus, no one in my house wants to keep it. So, there’s that. someone will take it in, and I don’t have to feel bad about accidentally cat-napping. I hope it’s sleeping but I don’t want to check on it without waking it up. I hope no other cats try to kill it. ._.

I lied I feel terrible. I can’t get it out of my head and it won’t be over until the kitten is in good hands and mine aren’t good hands they’re terrible hands I want to drive back to where I came from and leave the kitten there ohmygod I can’t

Winter is here.

Winter, by Marissa Meyer. Book four of the Lunar Chronicles. I can’t even. I’m still reeling from the feels.

Sidenote: I feel like lately when I read, I just internalize the feels and curl into a ball feelings the emotions instead of expressing them and screaming and crying. Mostly because there’s no one here to feel it out with me, but it still gets me every time I read a good book with good feels and just a good story. helpme.

Okay, so the main character (and I’m saying this really REALLY loosely because we kind of have a cast a main characters) is Winter. Princess Winter of Luna (aka the moon. Literally) is the beloved princess of the Lunars. This story is loosely based on the age-old fairy tale Snow White. Hence, the name Winter. I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but since this is the finale of the series I can’t tell you much of anything. Basically, read the first three books first, based on chronological order. That’s 1. Cinder, 2. Scarlet, and 3. Cress. And now 4. Winter.

I absolutely loved this book, and would have finished this in one sitting if I could. I finished it in two, so close enough. This was honestly one hell of a ride and one of my favourite series of all time. Honestly, I read the first three books in one go and it was a while ago so I only recall bits and pieces but it’s still good. I still remember the general plot and the characters never left me and the cute banter and dialogues UGH. It’s such a different take on story-telling it sometimes feels like its own genre because it’s a loose retelling of fairy tales but it’s set in the future and has a dystopian sci-fi twist in it. And the titles make it seem like companion novels but they’re not. It’s more like a buildup of stories as they go, with the introduction of the new characters as the plot line of each book kinda. It still follows a main story line of the first book Cinder. What can I say? Just read it.

I rate this a 5 out of 5 stars.

Give it a 98%. I will admit there were a few things that needed to be addressed but overall it still smoothed over pretty well and … I can’t give an ending because then spoilers. 

Okay bye.


Charley. 🙂

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book One: The Sword of Summer, written by Rick Riordan.

5 out of 5 stars. I mean, come on. It’s an Uncle Rick’s book. I think I’ll do a masterpost on PJO as I reread the series soon. And HOO while I’m at it. Then I can bookmark all my favourite parts so I won’t forget them. Nice.

Anyway, the story is about Magnus Chase, a 16-year-old who finds out he is a Norse demigod. Since it was already in the blurb, this is not counted as a spoiler: he dies. Yep. This is the story of how Magnus Chase died. Dam.

It’s a good story. I absolutely love reading about the Norse mythology and the pronunciation tips as the story goes on. And Magnus, oh man, I love how sarcastic he is. And those PJO references thrown in every now and then? Oh man, hit me right in the feels. I was giggling and screaming and crying throughout the book. If you haven’t read it, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy, adventure, friendship, mythology, fun, and a great main character and a fantastic set of supporting characters. I cannot stress this enough: this is a really good book. It’s a fresh new take from PJO, but it has just the right amount of magic in it. And if you haven’t read the PJO and/or HoO series, chill. You won’t get some of the references but it will not ruin your reading experience in any way. I will say that if you have read both series it will be super super fun to read because you know what’s up because it’s kind of a spinoff series. 🙂

*I think that’s all I can say for the non-spoilery section.  As for the spoilery section, I don’t really know what to say yet since I’m still rereading it. I’ll update this bit when I’m done rereading or if I ever remember to do it.*

Don’t stop reading, guys. You’ll regret it. Seriously, pick that book up and give it 20 pages. Just 20 pages a day.






I write letters now. Yep. That’s me. A writer.
Just kidding.
I bought these from Daiso yesterday with a friend and if I don’t put it to good use I’m not allowing myself to buy cute shit anymore. Writing is hard. I have no idea what to write. We already have the internet. If I wanted to say something I can just send a message online. Instantly. What can I say on paper that I can’t say online?
I guess I can send stuff, hence the paper cranes.
Oh well.
I’m going to Taiwan on Saturday. I might even post some stupid picture that doesn’t have anything to do with anything. Oh yes, and I went to the big bad wolf book fair. And you guessed it, I bought a Tom of books. I’m going to New Zealand and I still went and bought them. Yep. I’ll put in a picture when I finish tackling any one of the books. Yes, I am reading one of them now. Do not judge me.


Here’s something a little personal and weird: I have ‘moments’. Not like, I have moments when I’m weird. Let me explain. You know sometimes when you’re chilling with your family and/or friends? So sometimes I get nice times like that, when everyone is just enjoying themselves and we’re all happy. And I kind of just take a step back in my head and just relish the moment. Alternatively, I could engage in the fun stuff myself to create more happy times, but this is how I do. Am I the only one who does this?

I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time and we had dinner together. And while we were talking, she mentioned that I had changed. Since we were friends from primary school all through secondary school, she probably had a lot of time to observe me. And I asked, how so? She told me I was more engaging now. I talked more. That I wasn’t so afraid to speak anymore. This surprised me. I didn’t realize I seemed that way. I guess back then I was more concerned about the people around me than myself. A prime example would be me not fussing over my skin and fussing over someone with a runny nose. That, is stupid. I realized it as I typed it. It’s true though, and I’m pretty stupid for not prioritizing my own well-being.

Right this is going off topic but I should put this somewhere just to remind myself every now and then.

Charley, please remember that even though you don’t really care about your own skin, your family does. It hurts them to see it like that. If you don’t want them to talk, just take care of it yourself. Also it’s quite unsightly. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Please, take better care of your own skin. You’re 19 now. Your first responsibility is to your own body.

Okay, so anyway, I just wanted to let that out somewhere. Back to the topic. Right, so I changed, and I’ve come to realize that’s a good thing. People don’t know what you’re thinking. They only see what you’re doing. You act skittish, they think skittish. You act confident, they think confident. I’ve got my college friends to thank for that. They’re really different from my school friends. And while I still love my school friends, there’s a fresh perspective from my college friends that I’m pretty happy about.

Here I am, taking another ‘moment’. It’s weird, right? Eh.



EDIT 20/12/2015: Sidenote, happy 100th post. lol okay



I’m going to give the Aussies one more week. Then it’s time to get serious.

On veganing, I’ve decided to still eat at least a little meat. It’s not like I’m preparing my own completely vegan foods all the time. Plus, I love my mom’s cookings. And seafood tofu is still too delicious to give up. My only excuse is that I’m not eating that every single day. But so far, it’s been pretty good. I still have one last wrap to make but I’m still too lazy to peel my own apples. Pathetic, I know. But overall, I’m pretty okay. Trying to balance out the nutrients is important, and it’s not like I don’t have the option of meat. I’m just trying to find alternatives. It’s not like I’m anti-meat. I’d love for humans to get a little higher on the tropic scales but alas, we are slaves to technology and frankly we are so lazy we don’t even have the skills to revert back to nothing. And we don’t need to. So there’s that.

On my job, it’s doing okay. I’m having fun. Mostly. Today I left early because there was nothing much left to do but there was one last kid but he was independent but I still felt bad for leaving earlier than him. Not bad enough to stay, but ykno. I stayed with him halfway through his session and left. I gave him some candy as an apology, so that’s gotta count for something right? Now the other kids are starting to get annoying, but I know I should take that as the kids finally warming up to me. Or maybe I’m just being too lenient. Candy is a good way to bribe them but I shouldn’t spoil them with too much candy or their parents will be mad. C’est la vie, I guess.

I don’t think my skin is getting any better. I need a better moisturizer. And learn to control my itching.

I’m weirded out by my hair ever since I cut it to just below shoulder length. I have to blow dry it or it will curl in the wrong places, which is fine but I have a job so I have to blow dry it properly. Drying it all the time is really annoying. I not like it. I’m still wondering if I want a blue streak. I mean I do, obviously, but I’m still thinking if I really am going to.

That’s all that I can think of. Well, I’ll see you around, I guess.