A Court of Thorns and Roses (series)

I read them back-to-back. In one and a half sittings. At 2 am. I decided to start some ‘light’ reading at 2 am. When will I ever learn? Anyway, long story short I was reading for about 4 hours and just started on the sequel. I finally let my worn-out eyes rest when I noticed actual daylight and the clock which said 6:53 am. That’s a new record for me, staying up just to read. I can’t believe myself.

A Court of Thorns and Roses is very loosely based off Beauty and the Beast. It starts out with that kind of theme-ish, just like how the Throne of Glass series is VERY loosely based on Cinderella. You have the main character, 19-year-old Feyre (fay-ruh) who hunts to provide for her starving once rich family. She kills a wolf who was faerie and now must pay a life debt. Die by their hands, or live with them. Forever. She chose to live. What will she do now?

A Court of Mist and Fury is the sequel to a fantastic book, and I love it so much it really took me by surprise. I don’t want to explain anything but basically its her life after that.

ACOTAR gets 4/5 for being awesome.

ACOMAF gets 5/5 for being exponentially more awesome. I can’t wait for the next book which isn’t getting published until 2017 I can’t wait a whole year pls save me

Spoilers down ahead because I need to let this out and I cannot even.

We’ll start with acotar. First of all, Feyre is a fantastic character. I absolutely adore her. (Not as much as I did in the sequel tho). She killed a wolf who was a faerie and this faerie (later named Tamlin) came to avenge his dead friend. He gave her a choice: die by his hand or live in his estate. Forever. She chose to live. Then comes the very loosely based Belle story of her living in faerieland. But she’s tougher than she looks, with survival being top priority. She never lets go of her family, constantly thinking of a way to go back. Desperate enough to tempt death. She almost dies a few times, but she’s the main character. She’s fine. (she’s not fine). Eventually, she thaws out her heart to Tamlin, and they fall in love yada yada. Tamlin is High Lord, which is one of the kings or whatever. Also, there are seven courts: the four seasons: Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Dawn, Day and Night. Then the plot moves to the problem part. There’s a blight in faerieland. Magic is … dying. She wants to help, but she’s just human. She can’t help. So she gets sent away for her own protection. And then she finds that she can help, in some crazy impossible way. And she does. So she steps into a death trap to save the Beast in distress (see what I did there heh). It was crazy, brutal, and terrible. But she did it. And then she died. And then she didn’t. The End.

oh ps there’s this other High Lord Rhysand (ree-sand) who made a deal with her which kind of saved her but nobody knows what to do with because he did help her but also he was kind of a dick but also he’s kind of shitty also(?) and foreshadows the next book and we have no idea what his intentions are with our Feyre.

Until book 2: A Court of Mist and Fury.

Feyre is alive again. She is faerie now. And more powerful than any of them. They (and for a while, I) thought that she was finally going to have her happily ever after now. But she’s different now. She doesn’t want happily ever after. She has PTSD. She’s going insane and they want her to be some pretty little princess, to be a symbol of peace and happy days. She will never be happy. She died. She did horrible things to get here. She’s here, but the horrible things that she did won’t go away. Tamlin won’t listen, so she slowly dies on the inside, like a wild spirit being broken in. Until Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court shows up to claim what is owed. One week of every month, Feyre will live with him. She’s spirited away and has the space to breathe and think about things until

freaking Tamlin locks her up and throws away the key. She freaks out. Majorly freaks out. Rhysand shows up again to save the day (I wonder why) and she leaves Tamlin. For good. She learns about Rhysand and his court, joins his court (and cause which conveniently overlaps with saving the humans because her family) and learns to fight. And read. She gets a chance to breathe. To discover who she is. What she is. And falls in love. With her (gasp) mate. Rhysand. Her mate. Their relationship and character developments are just absolutely perf and I cannot even.

I just read this part, so I’m a bit raw right now. There’s a confrontation with the Hybern(?) and this crazy fight and her sisters are immortal now and Lucien is Elain’s mate and they broke the bargain thing between her and Rhysand but then there was a secret plan she came up with in like the 2 seconds I wasn’t noticing and now she’s a spy.

Yeah. That was a pretty crazy ride.


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