the start of something new.

So I came to New Zealand to study. It’s been about two week since I got here, and my first week of classes has just ended. Here I am. So far so good, as one can be. I made some new friends, and I like them all. I’m not a party-going person, and I still don’t go to parties, and none of my friends party, because most of them are 18. I am a 20 year old in room full of 18 year olds. I feel old. There’s some music event going on at the bar on nearby, and it’s supposed to last two more hours. My internal alarm clock has adjusted itself already, and I am now sleepy. Sleepy at 12 am. That’s a thing now. And I wake up at 8 am every day. It’s a real thing, people, this is not a drill. I have now started a healthy lifestyle (sleeping-wise. I’m still working on the other things). 

I introduced myself as ‘Charley’, and not my real Chinese name out of convenience, but I still feel awkward about it, because I do not want to lose my inner Cina ppl. So I’ll probably start watching more Taiwan dramas just to keep my Cina in check. Already miss my family and starting to miss my friends, sigh.

Studies are fine, but it could be because I already have a (rusty) foundation in chemistry and biology, or also because it is only the first week, and the first few lectures are about introductions and safety procedures. Hopefully things go better. I’m going to watch some shows and brush my teeth and fall asleep. Tomorrow I’m going to the mall with my friends. I made friends 😀

Goodnight peeps,




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