Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book One: The Sword of Summer, written by Rick Riordan.

5 out of 5 stars. I mean, come on. It’s an Uncle Rick’s book. I think I’ll do a masterpost on PJO as I reread the series soon. And HOO while I’m at it. Then I can bookmark all my favourite parts so I won’t forget them. Nice.

Anyway, the story is about Magnus Chase, a 16-year-old who finds out he is a Norse demigod. Since it was already in the blurb, this is not counted as a spoiler: he dies. Yep. This is the story of how Magnus Chase died. Dam.

It’s a good story. I absolutely love reading about the Norse mythology and the pronunciation tips as the story goes on. And Magnus, oh man, I love how sarcastic he is. And those PJO references thrown in every now and then? Oh man, hit me right in the feels. I was giggling and screaming and crying throughout the book. If you haven’t read it, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy, adventure, friendship, mythology, fun, and a great main character and a fantastic set of supporting characters. I cannot stress this enough: this is a really good book. It’s a fresh new take from PJO, but it has just the right amount of magic in it. And if you haven’t read the PJO and/or HoO series, chill. You won’t get some of the references but it will not ruin your reading experience in any way. I will say that if you have read both series it will be super super fun to read because you know what’s up because it’s kind of a spinoff series. 🙂

*I think that’s all I can say for the non-spoilery section.  As for the spoilery section, I don’t really know what to say yet since I’m still rereading it. I’ll update this bit when I’m done rereading or if I ever remember to do it.*

Don’t stop reading, guys. You’ll regret it. Seriously, pick that book up and give it 20 pages. Just 20 pages a day.





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