Okay, so here it is. I have been offered a place in NZ. Panic ensues.

Also, I cut my hair. Yay me. I’m not quite sure if I like this look, but I am too lazy to do anything about it at the moment. Also because I just cut my hair I’m not going to pay to cut it again lol. Having long hair isn’t as fun as I thought it’d be. Or maybe it’s just me who doesn’t give in the effort to try to have nice long hair. So shoulder length it is. Yeah. I’ve been thinking about dying my hair blue, but since I have no effort to spare for maintaining it, I might just get blue highlights, or an electric blue streak somewhere.

I do know what to do with my life. I go to university. I’ve just got to get my shit together and wait for the other two universities to reply me so I can choose. If not, then I’ll just go with whoever accepted me first.

I need to catch up on my reading. More things to do.

Oh yeah. Apparently, since I’ve decided to go vegan, or at least do my halfway kind of vegan, I’ve lost weight. I think it’s all muscle that I lost. Thanks to that, I’ve been cranky for weeks. WEEKS I TELL YA. And I had no idea, until a friend who did lost weight tell me that. Which is great and terrible. I didn’t expect to lose weight, but I guess yay me? I’m cool with my current weight, but I’ve lost one entire kilogram of what I think is muscle. It could be my calorie intake, or the lack of protein in my diet which I’m still trying to properly substitute. Either way, I don’t want to continue losing weight because I am super cranky. That’s not a good feeling. He said it’s because when we lost weight we release testosterone. But why? Also if this is how testosterone buildup feels like I am so glad I am a biological female and I’ll gladly take my once a month PMS over super cranky all day err day.

Yep. This is me. Losing weight by not doing anything and then whining about the side effects. It’s not like I have anything to be sad about, right? I mean, I get to eat more!

Yeah, okay. I’ll go now.

Enjoy life, and I have no idea who or why you are reading this.




Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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