I’ve been thinking about going vegan. Actually, I kind of already am. It’s just the execution that I have a problem with. It all started with eating animals, which made me feel kind of bad that they were raised just to be killed, but the feeling was overpowered over the delicious taste of meat. Granted, meat does taste good, or did anyway.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT GO VEGAN JUST BECAUSE YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. If you have a medical condition or cannot obtain proper nutrition from a vegan diet, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. If you can’t go vegan for any other reason eg money or culture(?) in my case, you DO NOT HAVE TO. And to other vegans, I don’t know why everyone likes to force people to do things, but you can’t guilt people into going vegan. It only annoys the other party and make them want to eat more meat out of spite. Please, guys, spread love, not hate. You can’t just look at people eating meat and call them the devil or whatever. I also really don’t get it when vegans go to MEAT CONVENTIONS to protest. Dude, you’re not helping anyone, you’re embarrassing yourselves. They will not have an epiphany and ‘convert’ to veganism. Please, do not force anyone to go vegan. And please know that this is your own choice.

To know what spurred on my decision, you need to Google earthlings. The documentary is where you want to go. But before you actually click into the link, please note that the footage is extremely graphic. The resolution is up to par as it was filmed in 2005, but you don’t need to see this in high definition. Trust me. I watched it. All 90-ish minutes of it. You can always say that if you don’t want to put yourself through the pain, then you don’t have to, but as it played on, I felt like if I turned away from it then it defeated the purpose of watching it. Also, it’s not just about the meat industry. Oh, no. If you have decided to watch it, I applaud you, and don’t eat anything when watching. Be prepared for a lot of pain.

Right. So the meat industry is one of the main factors in causing the world’s problems. Antibiotics in the food have been leading up to super-microorganisms, which are destroying ecosystems. Animal welfare is commercial factory farms are disgustingly terrible. We, not they, are responsible for this. I assume you are a human being if you are reading this. I can’t keep saying ‘they’ anymore, because that’s pushing away the blame. Granted, I didn’t know anything before and all that but I know now and I can’t just keep pushing this onto someone else. Nothing will change that way.

DISCLAIMER: Not all farms treat their livestock that way. Please do not assume that every farm out there treat their animals abysmally. You can look for eggs that come from free-range hens which means that the hens aren’t cooped up in cages all day and get to do chicken things like scratching the dirt and finding worms. As for other meats you can look for certain labels that say ‘free-range’ or ‘organic’. More information in this link.

And it’s not like you can’t eat meat, just be informed you know? Know your foods, and where they came from. So yeah. That’s just my take on this. Also, it’s not like I’m not eating meat at all right now. I’m seriously cutting down, yes, but I can’t quite completely stop yet, because of nutrition and also because of how my family is. Generally there’s a meat to vegetable ratio of 2:1. And I’m not too sure my parents will be understanding about it, so until I can properly fend for myself and make sure I can make nutritionally balanced vegan meals, I’m still going to eat meat every now and then (when my mother tells me to so she sees that I did take a piece).



Charley 🙂


Author: charlinosaur

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