The Maze Runner series.

I read this within about a week, so it’s still pretty fresh in my mind and I want to ‘review’ it as soon as possible because I didn’t make notes of it.

Technically, it’s a trilogy, but there’s a prequel out and there’s a sequel to that one coming up real soon also? I’m not going into that, so for convenience I’ll just call it a trilogy. It’s written by James Dashner, and it’s from the Maze Runner, then the Scorch Trials, and finally the Death Cure.

Okay, so the books are like a big build-up for the ending, which is book 3. Book 1, the Maze Runner is intense, since this is a YA-dystopian-scifi kind of book. It starts off with this boy Thomas who was transported into a Maze where he and a bunch of other boys sent there before him have to figure their way out of the maze. That’s pretty much all I can tell you without spoilers, because I’m going to talk about all three at the same time. This is how I do. Do not read on if you didn’t read all three books at least.

I do recommend it, it’s pretty intense and a good read, but you’ll have to be patient with the Scorch. Overall I give the series 4 out of 5 stars. Also I think only the Maze has a pretty faithful adaptation as a movie. They kind of mixed a bit of the Cure’s plots into the Scorch movie, which as a movie is really exciting and cool and I get that they did the best with what they had but as an adaptation, just no. :c

My favourite character is Newt. He’s dead. I literally just finished the Death Cure about an hour ago, and I still can’t get over it.

Okay so the series is actually pretty interesting. In the Maze, you’re introduced to the world in the Maze, with Thomas being the leader/new kid aka Greenie. Everyone’s lost their memories and there’s a lot of slang, like ‘shuck’, ‘shank’, ‘klunk’ which means ‘poop’, ‘slinthead’ and ‘slim it’, which means ‘shut up’. We get introduced to a bunch of kids who Thomas interacts with because he’s the main character.

First off, Alby, who’s the leader (and the actor also plays Capheus in Sense8) of the Glade. He’s pretty hot-headed, from what I gathered, but he’s alright. Then we have Newt, who quickly became one of my faves. He’s the cool-headed one, who balances off Alby. They make a good pair. Next is Chuck, who was the Greenie before Thomas, and he’s this chubby kid who’s mostly a goofy dork, and we grow fond of him in seconds. A little later Minho comes into the picture, and he’s a runner. As in running through the maze, trying to figure it out. He’s the kind of typical ‘no-time-for-your-shit’ asshole who everyone respects because he’s good at what he does. You know, the whole tough guy thing. I liked the bit where he called Thomas a ‘shuckiest shuck-faced shuck’. And then there’s Gally. He’s the guy immediately has a grudge on Thomas. We don’t know much except that he gets on Tommy’s nerves a lot. Frypan the cook, Clint the med-jack, Winston the Slicer, Zart from the farming thing I forgot what they’re called, and a bunch of other people whose names I forgot. Sorry.

Anyway, so the story starts out with Tommy trying to get used to Glade life, and it’s pretty nice, the way things were set up so far. Then we have a girl, Teresa show up the very next day, and then the supplies are cut off. The Ending has been triggered. The push they needed to finally get out of the Maze. And they make it out, eventually. It’s pretty intense, but I guess it’s always intense in dystopian YAs. We find out that the Creators of the Maze are an organization with crazy money and resources called WICKED. And Tommy was with the Creators, which was why Gally hated him so much. He was stung by this monster thing they call a Griever, and received the antidote Grief Serum and went through the Changing, which restored some of his memories. Alby will also later go through the Changing, and then Thomas, all of it is pretty fked up. And Teresa said ‘WICKED is good’. Which is generally something you would not agree with. Oh, and Tommy and Teresa can communicate telepathically. Yep, just gonna throw that in there. Whoop.

The Scorch is them trying to get the Safe Haven. They lose Teresa and get Aris, who’s from another Maze. He can also talk in the heads. Rat Man from WICKED explains the solar flares, then the Flare and the Cranks and the Gone. Their goal is to get through the Scorch so they can get the cure and not become a crank themselves. And off they go. We encounter two new characters, Brenda and Jorge. Jorge gets less of a spotlight in the books but I still like him all the same. It’s a lot slower in this book, and everyone is more confused than ever, especially us readers. Poor Tommy is so worried about Teresa, which was a big buildup for one of the most f-ed up scenes in this trilogy. We see what cranks are, which are people who’ve gone insane from the Flare virus eating away your brain, which is super creepy and really not my kind of story, but it’s not depicted that way in the movie and I feel like it would’ve up-ed the movie if the cranks were more like cranks and less like zombies. I liked the part where Brenda threatens Minho with a knife, and he seems into it. My favourite scenes are mostly Minho giving some comic relief. Anyway, they finally reach Safe Haven which is also pretty insane and then we jump straight into the Cure.

By now everyone hates WICKED. Seriously. First they’re thrown into the Maze, then they have to make it through the Scorch, and now the Cure has not even been found yet. Apparently not all of them are immune and Newt is not one of them. It sucks. So Tommy, Minho and Newt have had enough, and break out of the place, with Brenda and Jorge. Everything is crazy. Newt is crazy. There’s a resistance, called the Right Arm. Newt gets taken away. They try to get Newt back. Newt tells them to fk off, and they do. Everything is sad because they move on without Newt. They get caught by the Right Arm, and then come up with a plan. Tommy sees Newt and they say their final goodbyes. What a nice way to say that Tom killed Newt. I was stuck here for five minutes, just being upset. Right, on with the plan. They tell Tom that they need to dissect his brain to find the blueprint. There’s no Cure coming. The Right Arm breaks in. Tommy finds the gang. The gang leaves with the rest of the Immunes, or Munies. One last fight, and we’re home free. The End.

I’m still really upset about Newt. And Chuck. And I guess Teresa. Everything is sad. It’s a dystopian, I get it. It doesn’t take away the sad, though. I will say that surprisingly I’m not that into Thomas. He’s a great guy, but NEWT. 😦

Well, that’s it. Hope you liked it.




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