Makeup makes me feel prettier.

I was always a little hesitant at the idea of makeup. People wear it all the time, and they do look amazing with it. It brings out your features and makes you look more attractive. And it does, really, it does. I used to be one of those ‘tomboy’ girls who didn’t like ‘girly’ girls because I thought it made us girls look well, weak. Of course, that was before feminism. Ah, feminism. Teaching all girls to love whoever they are, whatever it may be.

This is waaaay overdue. I thought this up during my A-Levels prom, which was June 2015. So I’m 3 months late, sue me.

Anyway, I used to be very hesitant of makeup because of the practicality, mostly. What if you start crying? Your nose itches? You need to rub your eye? Need to scratch your face? You’ll ruin it anyway, so what’s the point? It was more of an annoyance. But whenever concerts came up or formal dinners and we had to dress properly (which meant that I was forced into a dress or skirt as usual) and I look at the pretty makeup everyone else has on, I feel kind of left out. Like, holy crap, makeup is like magic, if you think about it. Women are all magical, and makeup is our fae glamour, in a sense.

Right, so during prom, I slept over at a friend’s house so I didn’t have to drive there myself (nor did I want to), her mom helped me with my makeup. Which was amazing. Like seriously, it was like I had my own magical girl transformation. It wasn’t even that much because I didn’t use/put on eyeliner or mascara because it wasn’t liquid based and my eyes weren’t used to it so they protested by tearing up. Self-esteem level up! Anyway, you just feel like you can do anything with makeup. I used to be really skeptical about it, but man, I felt really confident about my looks. That is, until I saw everyone else but that’s not important. The point is, makeup makes me feel really pretty. Although I’m still wondering if it’s a thing that will wear off if you wear it too much. Maybe the rarity makes it magical? We’ll start small, with BB cream.

Being reminded that I’m a girl seems more fun now. 🙂




Author: charlinosaur

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