The Mortal Instruments. (+Infernal Devices +Magnus Bane)

Since I do not own the books and I am too lazy to take a picture of the only one I have, which is the Bane Chronicles, we’re not going with a picture.

Alright. I read the first book: City of Bones shortly after I watched the movie. I hadn’t heard of it before and the movie piqued my interest, so I thought I’d give it a go. [Side note: I did enjoy the movie although after reading it I was pretty unsatisfied with it as an adaptation.] It was okay, it had witty dialogue and the characters were pretty well-rounded. Overall, I was sucked into the story. I finished that in one school day, thanks to a few absent teachers.

It was over a year later that I finally read the rest of the series, which I read consecutively. I read the Infernal Devices and (before that) the Bane Chronicles before I started the rest of the Mortal Instruments though, so I’m going to just give this series(es) a one-shot review.

Okay, so I liked the Bane Chronicles because it was about my favourite character in the Shadowhunter World, Magnus Bane. I love everything about him. His fashion sense, his eccentric personality, the way he deals with the Clave and how he loves people (and his cat(s?)). I enjoyed all the stories, even the ‘boring’ ones in the beginning because it gave us a glimpse into his warlock life, and a smidgen of his past. It also featured a few of his ex-lovers, which was nice because I enjoyed reading how he dealt with all of it. Anyway, the last few stories piqued my curiosity  about the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices. So if it weren’t for Magnus Bane, I wouldn’t even have read them. Shadowhunters (and fandom), you may thank him.

Then came the Infernal Devices. I read them impartially despite the good reviews from friends who finished reading it and loved it (and Christine from polandbananabooks) and I enjoyed them. I hated the love triangle though. So much angst. I rolled my eyes every time the love triangle came up. But it was a good story and I loved the female characters more than the males except of course, my beloved warlock Magnus. Fair warning for whoever is interested in reading it. The best reading arrangement(?) is to read the final one, the Clockwork Princess after you finish City of Heavenly Fire because there is a small spoiler at the end. It didn’t affect me as much because I felt like Dionysus from my bae’s PJO world.

I have mixed feelings about the Mortal Instruments. I’d forgotten most of the details from City of Bones and just delved right into it. It was very much like Dionysus looking after the campers as I read it. I was annoyed at most of the characters most of the time, and for some reason I just couldn’t stand the whole Jace/Clary-Jary-Clace relationship. I could swallow it down, and I guess I had to give them some credit because they just found out they were siblings and they were facing a war bla bla blah, but I  groaned every time it was a Jace or Clary or Clace chapter. I was reading it for the sake of reading it. Don’t get me wrong, there were funny parts and the story is actually interesting and fun to read. I just love the side characters a lot more than I love the mains.

My favourite was probably City of Glass, which is book 3? Yeah. Mostly because it was really fast paced and everything was finally resolved and finally, we were done with the story. So it really confused me to see three more books. I thought we were done. Anyway, so I continued reading although I was kind of annoyed that there was more content. And then that character showed up. I was honestly quite disturbed, even though I knew he was fiction and the monsters in real life were not just under your bed.

My reading pace was like an on-off thing, which was flying through at some parts and reading disinterestedly in other parts. Anyway, everything was ended and there were more things to wrap up which I guess was good. I thought it was an okay series overall. I only really read it for my ship and the side characters.

Which I thought was pretty good in the story, until I read a few posts on tumblr pointing out some facts that were hard to ignore. They were really good points.

Overall, it was okay. It was pretty good. I can’t delve deeper into it or point out any specific moments that I liked because of spoilers.

Okay then, this was … 6 + 3 + 1 = 10 books in total. I’m so good at shortcuts. I’ll try to mix in other stuff as I try to catch up on my book reviews although I don’t know whether or not it’s an actual review since ‘no spoilers’ and how this affects anyone.

I’ll see you guys around,




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