I never claimed to be a good driver. In fact, I’ll clear this out for everyone right now: I am a mediocre driver at best. Allow me to explain: approximately two weeks ago, I was driving and got into an accident. A few days later, I got into another accident. Both accidents were the result of me being careless while driving. Although it wasn’t entire my fault, I would like to state that I should have been more careful when driving and I will continue to do so in the future.

Okay so the first one, I was driving straight on a road with a right turning, but technically I can go straight if I wanted to, it’s just usually people stay on the lane if they want to turn. Usually, not always. Meaning, I was not breaking the law or doing something reckless. Of course, I should’ve been careful in the sense that I should have checked my side mirrors more often and started out slower. So that was my mistake. So the man on the motorbike turned, thinking I was going to turn when I didn’t and I kind of hit him. I gave him my number thinking I could pay for the injuries or damage or something because he is the motorbike and I am the car, and by norm(?) it is always the car that is at fault. He never called back, so I’m guessing he kinda knows it’s his fault. He did ask me a few times if I was going to turn and I obviously told him I wasn’t, because I wasn’t. One of my cousins who was passing by actually approached us (I didn’t realize that he was my cousin until we left and I finally figured out who he was) so that was nice. Comforting.

The thing that hit me the most about the whole fiasco is that when I got home, I told my sisters first because they were there. (I was dropping my brother off to chill with his friends) I already knew that they were going to lecture me. What else was there to be expected? I had braced myself, but somewhere in the back of my head, there was a girl shaken up from an accident that she was mostly not at fault but by default felt guilty about just seeking oh, I don’t know, just a little comfort? Someone to say, “hey man, it’s okay, we all get into accidents”. [note: I use the term ‘man’ as a gender neutral one, just thought I’d share that to lighten the mood] Okay, I know we’re not that kind of touchy feely family and only do that very, very rarely so I wasn’t expecting them to fuss over me or anything (but I do admit it would’ve been nice). I don’t know, I guess all I wanted was for them to maybe just ask me if I was okay? I wouldn’t be talking about this if they did, so you can probably tell that they didn’t and I couldn’t help but feel so disappointed. It was my first accident, mind you. Anyway, I got over it quicker than I thought (more on that later) because after I informed my parents and told them I handled it I called two of my best friends and talking with them calmed me down, so that was relieving. And so I thought I’d gotten over it. Also it didn’t occur to me to call the police until my dad mentioned it because he said nothing about it.

And then came accident number two. This one was on a Monday, this Monday, in fact. I was driving and changed the radio station and then the car in front of me braked suddenly and so I braked and so the person behind me braked.  Like a chain reaction. (heh) I’d managed to stop in time, but the lady behind me didn’t. First she caused up a little fuss and asked me repeatedly why I stopped suddenly and I told her that the car in front of me also stopped suddenly and so I did. She then went on about making a police report so that she could claim her insurance or something and I didn’t know what to do so I just said okay let me take your number first and I’ll get back to you. She was smart in the sense that she took a picture of my car plate and I was dumb in the sense that I didn’t. I was probably in shock which was why I didn’t do anything. Anyway, I called my dad and told him what happened and then gave him her number and then I sent her his number so that they could talk about it because I had no idea what to do. I mean, technically it wasn’t my fault and she hit me. And what could I do? Give her money that wasn’t mine? So they talked and then I went home and then dad checked the car and then we went to the police station to make the report because it’d be weird if she made it and then I didn’t and then there would be a fuss about it and all that. Plus we could claim the insurance for repairs or something. So that was settled.

The more on that part is basically me having a mini breakdown as it finally hit me that something terrible could’ve happened and I could’ve died or they could’ve died (the lady was taking her daughter to school) and I was really just lucky to have been involved in such a light accident without any injuries (although the man did scrape his leg and shoulder up a bit. I never got back to him so I don’t know how he’s doing. I hope he’s okay. I hope everyone’s okay). Side note: the night of the second accident I came home and was finally calming down and then there was a fire at a nearby petrol station. So yeah. Anyway, all the emotions and shit finally brought the shit to the surface (and I was trying so hard to push it down, too) and I couldn’t take it anymore and the looks everyone sent me (except my brother because he was in the car with me and he could see that I Was pretty shaken up, granted he was pretty shaken up too. Both of our hands were shaking. I mean, all four of our hands?). Mom and Dad with that ‘aiya what have you gotten yourself into’ look and my sisters with the ‘you brought this on yourself’ attitude.

I’m okay now, after I cried it out. It didn’t help that my period came a little after the first accident, but yeah, I’m okay now.

Drivers, pedestrians, everyone: please be careful.

Stay safe, guys.


Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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