Dragon Slippers Trilogy


This has been long overdue. Notice how I covered up Book 2 because goddamit I hate that cover. It really pisses me off how it doesn’t fit the other two, but even more infuriating is the fact that the cover looks like that. I want more bad ass awesome dragons in the cover and it looks like some kind of middle school girl’s diary, not that I have a problem with stories like that but goddamit it is so misleading. I wouldn’t even have known it was what I was looking for if I hadn’t checked the author’s name (several times) and read the blurb and checked out the first few pages.

The Dragon Slippers Trilogy by Jessica Day George.

I give this series as a whole a 4.85/5.

I enjoyed the series very very much and ordinarily I would’ve given it a higher rating but after reading some reviews I realized and accepted that it did have a few things that I was a little unsatisfied about, but I really do love how everything plays out in the end.

It starts with Book 1, which is Dragon Slippers.

The story is set in sort of fantasy/medieval times, maybe the Victorian era? Our main character is a teenage girl, Creelisel or Creel as she prefers who apparently is sent to a dragon’s cave (I don’t think I have to mention that this is a world where dragons exist) to be rescued by a prince so that she can be married off. Certain events occur and she leaves with a pair of slippers given by the dragon and heads off to the King’s Seat (which is a city) to find work and all that. Upon arriving she gets into some trouble with a foreign princess and befriends a prince before being saved by said prince to have a place to stay and find some work. She makes some more friends and gets a job in embroidery work (skills clearly her own but taught by her mother who was a very talented embroiderer).

What I love about this story is the fact that Creel has a mouth and a temper. I don’t know why but this makes me love her so much. Especially how she reacts to everything in the story because not only does she stay firm to her beliefs but she does not back down to anyone about it. I really love how despite the fact that even though Creel has a love interest, it’s not the prince who saves the day but in fact, herself (she doesn’t think this way, though). Also I have to mention that Creel is not one of those super tomboy fighting dragons and wars kind of girl. She’s an ordinary girl who has some serious talent in embroidery and just wants to open her very own dress shop someday.

The plot is nicely paced and the characters are all very interesting because you get to see different sides to the story in many points of views. What really piqued my interest on this was the fact that there is no supposedly ‘useless’ characters, as in everyone had a role which contributed to the plot and not just ‘there’ to stand and look pretty.

I don’t want to go too much into the other books because that might be a spoiler. But basically, book 2 and 3 is also really, really interesting and I loved it very much.

Surprisingly, what really kept me going in book 3 was off-putting for some readers because it focused more on the world-building and things that were going on as they happened instead of focusing on the main cast which undoubtedly I really wanted but I really liked book 3 because it showed a different side to the story and of how the dragons came to be which was friggin awesome, I tell you. Honestly I really wouldn’t have had it different other than the fact that maybe the author could’ve added a few chapters more at the end or even just an epilogue showing me the life after the whole story was over, with little cutesy moments that I would’ve just adored and give me the feels.

I read book 1 when I bought it, which was quite a few years ago and I saved up Book 3 (because I found that first) so that I could read that with the final books together so I wouldn’t have had to wait. I reread the whole thing in one go so that I could remember how the first book went and let me tell you, that was the best decision I ever made. People should stop selling books one at a time and just sell them off in one go (or at least read like that and save yourself the agony of waiting and wondering what could’ve happened next). So this only counts as 2 books in my reading challenge. I just updated it on Goodreads and apparently I am now 1 book behind schedule. Oops.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good female lead and there may or may not be some silent judging if you don’t like dragons.




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