lost things and anger.

I have lost my two pendrives and I’m extremely upset as I need it for tomorrow’s drive to class. I just really need music in the morning it’s not the same without my music and not stupid repeating radio music filled with half an hour’s worth of ads and talking and I do not have time for this host show bullcrap.

Speaking of lost things, I never knew where my ‘Friends’ story/note-book-thing-book went and that also upsets me a lot. Mind you, it was gone since I was like … 12 and I’ve never found it/got it back since and this also upsets me to no end. Like, I think I borrowed it to someone who said they wanted to read it and I NEVER GOT IT BACK. WHOEVER YOU ARE WHO TOOK IT, I WANT THAT GODDAMNED PIECE OF SORRY SHIT OF A STORY BUT FILLED WITH NOSTALGIA AND MY TWELVEYEAROLD MINDSET BACK. Now. I just want to remember how I felt about things and it may not be the only thing to have reminded me of that but it certainly was the biggest thing. And it was a shitty excuse of a story but I had fun writing it. You don’t just fill up two exercise books with the same shit over and over again if it wasn’t fun.

I’m so done with everything right now.


7/9/15 Edit: I found them both. 🙂

Yeah. I’m really stupid. It was in a pocket and I decided to change my pants. And then I found it again. I still don’t know where the book is though. Hopefully one day, I’ll go to the land of lost things and bring it home with me.


Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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