Keeping up with goals.

Reading – Read 4 out of (changed my goal to) 40. 10% for two months. I think I can do better although I suspect otherwise.

Writing – I already did a few this month. So, that’s good but I’m trying to do reviews for the books as well. It’s good practice for writing and makes me articulate my thoughts more often. So far I’ve only done one out of the four I did. I’m going to do one or two more next, hopefully by the end of this week before I forget how I feel about them.

Music – got a few new artists, but I haven’t checked them out yet.

Health – it’s a 50/50 thing I guess? I was taking walks for the past two weeks but yesterday and last week I did this stupid aerobics thing with JW and my legs (mostly) were killing me for three freaking days. This is obviously a sign of my lack of exercise. I know that. The pain of soreness has this extra thing that makes me kind of enjoy knowing that I’m like … alive? And yet it’s still not enough to make me want it more? Also I’m having a hard time eating healthy while keeping my wallet healthy. Maybe I could balance it out a little more? I’ll work on that.

Self – yeah I’ll update when something profound happens or something.

Not so much on the other things I think. Like the language and cooking will probably wait a little while.




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