Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I done it. I done it now.


Book 1 of 2015.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

And it only took roughly 7 hours (not in one go).


So the book is about Karou (ka-roo), a blue-haired girl (yes blue. Like, how cool is that?!) in Prague and has a chimerae (-rae?-rea?) foster family. It gets weirder and cooler as I am a fantasy reader through and through (it’s safe to say about 50% of all the fiction books I have are fantasy) and I love how she writes everything. It starts with her POV but it cuts to several different points and there are cuts on her childhood. Laini Taylor has wrote this so amazingly that everything just feels right and it doesn’t feel like it’s too ‘jumpcut-y’? and I love her way with words, it really does throw me into a different world, her world.

So you’re sitting there reading and thinking, so that’s pretty cool, she does errands and things for her kind of foster father figure Brimstone and you’re like, okay, wow, that’s so awesome. You’re thinking all is cool and all, and all of a sudden BAM! You get angels thrown into the mix. Angels? How? What even?

That’s how fantastically cool, dark and mysterious it becomes. Unfortunately I only have the first book in this trilogy but rest assured, I will try to get them all and definitely read it.

I’d just watched this video on a so-called guide to reading fantasy books and well, if you like, you can give it a try?

So she did this thing where she kind of gives a mini review thing on the books she recommends so I thought, maybe I should do this thing too.

DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE. (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #1)

Difficulty (of how easily you get into it): Medium to almost High (for me I was into it immediately because I just love this kind of books)


Romance: There are some romancey bits but not until the middle-ish and it continues (as it does) into the next books (hopefully?)

Funny: Chuckling here and there (which of course is highly appreciated)

Boring bits: For me, there were almost none, because I am one, easily entertained and two, like to give books a lot of chances so I took everything in pretty well, but eh.

Writing: Fan-bloody-tastic. I love it so much it really gives you the amazing thrown into a different world feel and it’s just so good. like I can’t even.

Rating: 4.8/5

I gave it a 4.8 personally because it’s part of a trilogy and it actually pumps me up for the next books but also because it’s just brilliant on its own and I really, really liked it. I literally spent this entire day reading the book. I didn’t even touch my laptop until after my dinner today. I just forreal sat down and read. And read to the very end.

I should remind you now that I generally tend to be very lenient with books so you shouldn’t expect anything below a 3.5 for any books I read. Like all books are good, just some better than others. It’s really frustrating for me sometimes because you just want to give them all the chance but sometimes you just feel like reading different kinds of stories and sometimes you’re just not feeling the book and you put them down or something so yeah.

What Christine said: GIVE IT A SECOND. You have to give commitment. You throw yourself into a new world. THAT MAKES YOU LESS THAN AN INFANT IN THAT WORLD. YOU CAN’T JUST JUMP RIGHT IN AND BECOME THE JEDI.

That is pretty much the best advice for any new readers who think ‘oh, they don’t have any oomph in it’ or ‘i bore so easily like how can you even like this book’ NO. OKAY.








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