Messing up.


Dear readers, if you are here, I just want to say that … I messed up.

There was supposed to be an outing today, with a few friends. It was supposed to be a ladies day or something. Anyway, so we planned to go somewhere and I planned to wake up earlier so I could reach in time and relax whilst avoiding the jam (is this the right way to use ‘whilst’?) Silly me, I checked and double checked my alarms, and the second time I checked, I turned off the alarm by mistake. I didn’t know that.

I slept.

I woke up two hours later than planned. So dazed, I quickly made a phone call to apologize and tell them I couldn’t make it since it would take at least an hour to get there if I were to leave at that time. After I freshened up a bit, I thought, maybe I could still make it, even if I was going to be late. So I called them again, but they’d already changed their route to go somewhere closer to their own home. Well, it was good for them, it was after all more convenient for them. They invited me to go over and I checked the routes again to see if I could go.

It would be also an hour drive at least. And they were already there. There was no point in making them wait, so I declined, apologized again and sent them off.

So here I am now, several hours later, watching my shows and reading my stuff and listening to sad songs about being confused and alone.

I really am pathetic sometimes.

Well, it’ll be a few more days until school starts. I will try to update more often. This isn’t just for fun after all. It’s kind of a journal as well? Random word vomit lol.


the pocket monster.


Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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