First post of the month. Please note that New Year’s Resolutions do not count. Otherwise I’d already have done two.

It’s raining. Or rather, it’s pouring out there right now. I’ve just finished my exams, and today is my first day off. I had a good twelve hour sleep and reorganized my bookshelf a bit so that all the books that I haven’t read yet are within my reach. I’m going to either finish a book that I had not finished or start on a new book later today. That’s about all I have to say today.

I’ve realized I haven’t been honest with myself lately. Granted, I can’t remember the last time I was, but lately I’ve been thinking that I should be. I didn’t really find a problem with it before, though, so I guess this is progress. A good friend of mine has recently pushed me into going through with this, so thank you JW, wherever you are. I hope you’re not reading this. I hope none of my friends are reading this. And yet I still make this public.

Alright. Anyway, I’ve decided to start with being honest about my books. As in, guilty pleasures, and not buying books because I think the cover’s pretty, or just because everyone has been talking about them. I’m trying to just read up whatever I haven’t yet and passing along the ones I don’t want to keep or don’t like. Also, another friend has been doing this thing that I should start, which is writing the date she buys the book on the book itself. That’s a nice one to try. Thanks, Pool. I’ve been digging out whatever receipts I saved and writing on the ones that I actually have records of. Also I’m trying to keep only receipts of products and not food because food receipts are technically useless unless I’m using it to record my expenses and I have an app for that now.

The rain stopped and now it’s cool and breezy. That’s nice.

I will try to make more book reviews and also movie reviews?


I don’t even know why I have to sign off, I’m just rambling to myself and hope no one finds this embarrassing.



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