I’ve noticed my persona has changed quite a bit. My alter-ego, I would say. Or I guess a more accurate depiction would be that my persona changes as my personality changes, or my thoughts form a new perspective or change my overview about anything.

At 12, she was an adventurous tomboy who had two dogs, loved animals, and music and some books. She was adventurous and rebellious and generally being smooth and badass and also didn’t care much about fashion and absolutely despised skirts and didn’t like ‘fake’ people or popularity or ‘liking’ people.

At 16, she was the wild, still very much rebellious, skater girl who could clean up nicely, when she needed to. She had a ferret, and still loved animals very much, and music but now more books. She was still very smooth and badass and didn’t care much about fashion or anything, but now she was more open to the idea, instead of outright rejecting it. She still disliked ‘fake’ people but she could ignore them instead of picking fights with them.

At 17, she was much more subdued. She wore glasses, and was generally a hipster. She still loved animals and music, but she was less adventurous and a lot less sociable. She loved reading and sometimes writing and didn’t talk much, but still had that same fire in her as her 12-year-old, just less … overt. She started imagining people more complexly and loved more things mainly science and embracing your inner nerd and helping people and discovering herself and such. Basically her empathy levels skyrocketed.

And now, at 18, she is just pretty much confused about everything.


There’s a first for everything,


You learn something new everyday.


the Pocket Monster.


Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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