Hearing & Listening.

This was overdue. Yes, I realize that. At least I’m still trying, right?

Right, anyway.

There’s a really fine line between hearing and listening. Because, well, when someone talks to you, you can listen, or you can hear.

You see, when you listen, you really try to understand and perceive what they’re saying. You imagine people complexly.

When you hear, you’re not putting the words they said into your brain. You’re not trying. The words go in and out of your head. You’re not trying to listen, your eardrum is vibrating.

Bottom line is, you gotta try to listen. Because, as you imagine people complexly, you give yourself a chance to try to understand other people better.

And people understand you.

Or at least, it’s one-sided trying.

I don’t know.

Thanks for listening.

I tried, really.


idk I’m just so tired with everything. And lifeeeeeeee.


Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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