So yesterday, I tripped and scraped my knee. No I won’t post a picture of it, that’s gross. And why the heck would I want to remember it?

Side note: I am now sort of challenging myself to post at least once a week (more is accepted, encouraged, even.) and so I’m gonna start today since I think this happened and I should probably remember it so I can remind myself that things can happen to me also. 

Anyway, I tripped, it stung, but I could still walk. It was more embarrassing than painful. I remember my feeling my cheeks heating up and it was so awkward and embarrassing I just wanted to roll over and let a car hit me so I wouldn’t feel as bad. This guy(friend?) ran over as he was at the back to check on me just because he saw me trip. EMBARRASSING, I TELL YOU. MORTIFYING, EVEN. I just wanted to hide somewhere until it faded away. 

Side note: I am also trying to not make any grammatical errors, if possible, just to keep myself in shape. 

Right, so I walked to school, tried to wash it out, it stung and was gross and there was a bit of blood and pus already. So I met up with a friend and we went in search for a first aid kit. Then my ex Math lecturer got me one and examined it. He said it needed proper washing. So … he took us to a clinic. 

Yep. He took us to a clinic. It was awkward for the most part, because I really didn’t think it was that bad, but he was the lecturer, and he’s already called up the doctor, so we went. The car ride was awkward, and embarrassing, (I have yet to tell my mom). So we reached the clinic, he led us inside and Doctor B was there. I sat on that patient’s chair thing. He was very nice, he examined it, and told me what to do with it (leave the bandage overnight, then leave it be since it heals faster in open air/exposed(?)) and cleaned it up, then he bandaged it. He didn’t so much bandage it as to cover the gauze over it. But it was done in less than 5 minutes, and I was good to go. I thanked the doctor, and sir later, and said I owed him a meal. I fully intend on keeping that, since it was rude not to thank him in some way and he gave us an actual car ride all the way to a clinic. 


Today, however, there was an interesting incident. 

Right so it was Biology, and we were on a 5 minute break. A friend, borrowed a coin to decide whether he was coming or not, then the one beside him took it to flip. He flipped the coin, and it disappeared. It wasn’t on the floor, not on the chair, not under his shoes, not around anywhere. Weird. So I said, maybe it fell into the Underworld? I laughed and added, you know what, if Satan doesn’t like it, he’ll return it. And I laughed again. It was weird, but mostly I suspected him of keeping the coin. But it was weird because he was looking for it as well. Then he got frustrated and stomped on the floor and poof!, it was right there, by his feet. I swear to all the gods that it wasn’t there before and nobody touched anything. It just appeared on the ground, like it’d been there all along. Maybe we were temporarily blind. It was bizarre and interesting to ponder. Was it goblins? Fairies? Maybe it really did fall into the Underworld and fell onto Satan’s head? Does this mean the coin is cursed now? I’m interested to know. I’ll keep it, in case it is cursed. Wouldn’t want to pass it on, now would I? 


I’ll keep you posted, I promise. 

With love, 

the Pocket Monster.


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