Oblivion is inevitable. Eventually, we will all die. There was a time before humans; there will be a time after (The Fault in our Stars quote).

And sometimes, I wonder. I wonder about life. What is the purpose of being here? I mean, what is the general purpose of human beings anyway? What is the purpose of my birth? What is my purpose? 

Everything that is alive started from a single cell. A microorganism. Evolution. Mutation. And we’ve come very far. It’s hard to believe that we as humans came from a single cell, but we did. What I don’t understand though, is how we came to have this sense of superiority over everything else. When did we see ourselves as well, better than other beings? 

Everything has its own purpose, its part to play in the world, to balance the ecosystem. Maybe long ago we were part of that delicate food web of life, but it’s gone now. We’ve become the planet’s biggest parasite. We talk of global warming, invasive species, pollution, and mass extinction among other things, but why is it that most of the world’s humans are still either blissfully ignorant or painfully unaware that we are still destroying much of the world, and much of ourselves as well. Wars are still going on. we are destroyers. So when did we see ourselves as gods?

We class ourselves as homosapiens, as if we are a separate being from the rest of the planet’s creatures. I mean, we are animals, for gods’ sakes. We share an ancestor with the great apes, the primates and many others. We came from mammalians. We are mammals. So are dogs and cats and cows and horses and sheep and pigs and tigers and wolves and bears and elephants and gorillas and chimpanzees and squirrels and otters and dolphins and whales and platypuses and kangaroos and pangolins and anteaters and sloths and macaques and gibbons and rabbits and mice and zebras and giraffes and lions and millions of others. We have plenty more undiscovered, still. And yet, we still destroy.

 And why do we have a sense of self-awareness? What purpose does this self-awareness do? Because there are many times when I feel that we are better off not having this sense of self-awareness, that we should just live as ‘mindless’ animals and just play our part in this web of life.

Only we have discovered, proved and still learning about the minds of animals. they are not mindless. Yes, they act upon instinct but they also have emotion. They love, they care, they think, they learn. They are beings, and they all have a right to live, just as much as we do. We are fools to think that we are better than them. Yes they do not think the way we do, but that does not mean that they do not think at all. They think in different ways; in better ways, to suit their needs and survival. They live as one with Mother Nature.

We seem to have lost that.

We should find our way back to live as part of the planet before we destroy it.





Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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