I have (quite) recently had the pleasure of tutoring a few students taking SPM which I have also only recently finished. I know it’s the middle of the year and it is completely inappropriate to think about this right now. However, this is my blog-thing, and I don’t care about what I’m posting here, as long as I am posting something for-until I finish my challenge thing. 

Side note: I know I missed a day, but I did two on the first day so it makes up for it. My blog-thing, my rules. I don’t care. 

I know what I have.

I have many things which I love among my many other things which I am sort of neutral towards. I have a great family, which I also love. I mean, we’re (sure as heck) not perfect, but still good, yeah, still good (Lilo and Stitch quote-thing). I have many friends, whom I love very much (hopefully they love me as well). I have also broken heart, which I am not proud of, but again, this is my blog-thing, and you can’t stop me from writing whatever the heck I want. Also, I will not talk about that. I have fresh water, a pantry full of food, clean clothes, electricity that runs through the house so I can use a computer, the TV, lights, fans and air conditioning. I have many books that I can read. I have a baby grand piano and a ukulele to play music with. I have photos commemorating my childhood and travels with my family. I have basic necessities for the thing that happens once a month because of my gender. I have many things, and I am thankful for them. I am very grateful for not having some kind of terminal disease up to this point in my life, for having all of these things, for having great family and wonderful friends, and for being healthy. For having all of this, I am grateful. 

What I don’t know is who or what I am. 

I guess I kind of know what I am. I am a girl. I am turning 18. I am Chinese. I am a citizen of a country of South East Asia. I am a human being, a homosapien

The matter of who I am, though, is much less certain. I don’t know who I am, or will be. Will I be a veterinarian? A psychologist? A journalist? A creative writer? A housewife? An independent traveller? I do not know. 

I do not know many things, but I am hopeful. I’m hopeful that I can and will discover who and what I really am, or will be. And things look strange and confusing now, but hopefully, I will go through this. And well, remain hopeful, I guess. I’m not sure. 






Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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