Old dreams. New dreams.

I used to dream of the medieval times. Princesses and knights and noblemen and kingdoms, witches and dragons and monsters and gypsies and ghosts and swords and fighting and wars and ships. I would be a princess of some kingdom and there would be this knight and there would be a lot fighting and knighthood and there would be this dragon and I would be the dragon’s friend and whatever. It was childish, amateurish and also very fun. I loved it.

And then my dreams were shattered. I learned about the medieval times or the Middle Ages from Horrible Histories (for kids who hate history!). Wars. Plagues. Gross dirty streets. A lot of drunk people. Thieves. Corruption. Throne after throne after throne and mad kings and revolts and uprisings. Not fun. And the worst part was there were no dragons. Lots of witch burnings. No. Dragons. 

Now, I have mainly two central thoughts on the Middle Ages. The first, I don’t want to be the princess who gets locked up in the castle guarded by the dragon. I want to be the dragon. I want to rain fire in the villages and plunder their gold and hoard all their books and fear nothing. Being human, well, it has its moments, but it is vastly inferior to being a dragon. I want to be sixteen feet tall and breathe fire and fly and destroy anything and everything in my path whenever I please and do whatever I want to do. I want to be a dragon. 

The second, being a woman in the Middle Ages was a horrible, horrible disadvantage. Women were raped, killed, tortured, burned as witches. You would never be treated as an equal. Heck, we’re still working on that ‘equalism-feminism’ thing. But through all that, I’m still proud to be a woman. We still have  empresses and queens and warriors and scholars and scientists and mathematicians. And I’m a fool if I can only see the bad things in everything. And I will fight for myself, my gender, my individuality and journey to self-discovery.

So, take up your arms, brothers and sisters. The fight is not over. The fight will never end. We shall fight to the last breath.





Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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