10 day challenge.

I will now challenge myself to write an essay 10 days straight.
Today’s essay begins now. Also, I have no idea where I’m going with this I’m just going to go. 

It started with my first memory of an animal. I remembered just being afraid of touching them, and of them touching me, mostly. Besides that fear, though, I remember wonder. Sure, ants and flies and cockroaches freaked me out, but it didn’t take the fascination away. Why were they so small? Why were they so different? How did they move like that, and why? Why were we so afraid of them? Were they afraid of us? What were they thinking about? How did they think? Biology hadn’t been introduced to me yet, so I was just fascinated and wondered about them. I got older and learned about science and the classes of animals like mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, amphibians and fish and plant classes like flowering and non-flowering and conifers and ferns and fungi and moss and such. That was a fun time. Then my dad got me this set of science books that went ‘I wonder why …’ and I would get lost in them learning about birds and reptiles and dinosaurs and dogs and insects and plants and sounds and liquids and outer space and everything. I remember learning so much about them and yet never reaching out to touch them. Sure, I loved looking and petting small dogs, but I never actually knew and learned and loved them. We had a dog. A large boxer named Bobby. I remember being scared of him because he was so big and so strong. I never even saw him as my pet until one day my sister’s friend just walked up to his cage and cooed at him. “Aw, he’s so cute.” she said. That bothered me. How was Bobby, this large, scary dog, cute? I couldn’t comprehend it. And that was when I really looked at him. He didn’t seem, menacing anymore, he was friendly. Not ferocious, excited. Not so menacing so much as adorable. I was still afraid of him, but at least now I could see that he didn’t mean harm. And that I was misinterpreting his body language. That fear can blind you. 

That’s the feeling that I’m so interested in. For some reason, you think you’ve known it all and you plant things into your brain and you’ve conformed to that one idea of a thing and it only takes one word from someone else to completely shatter your perfectly constructed idea of that thing. And you can take it both ways. You can see things in a new light, and be open to ideas, or you can shrink even deeper into your fear and build up your walls so high that no one can tell you that you don’t have to hide anymore. People fear what they don’t know. That’s why the different are ostracized. When we don’t conform to the norm, it scares them because it’s different. It’s unknown. And maybe, we just need to take that leap of faith and step into the abyss of the unknown because what we know, is but a single drop in the ocean. We need to be open to see new horizons so we can understand and learn and know more and more about everything. 


Day 1 totally conquered. Hopefully I am able to finish this challenge. I shall reward myself with a bar of chocolate if I succeed. 



The pocket monster. 



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