sort of update kinda thing

So remember that guy, that I was avoiding? He kind of confronted me and I came clean about it. I mean, I feel bad for generally ignoring him, but there’s no way I feel bad about being annoyed and everything. I told him I was uncomfortable with the situation and I just kinda slowly backed away but he just kept coming so I just stopped replying. He did apologize for being pushy.

But we’re not friends or anything. At least, for now, maybe. I’m not sure I want to be his friend, what with the awkwardness and such.

If I had to say this as a lesson learned, it’s not never, I mean NEVER EVER engage in a sudden conversation about your favourite things. Or at least if you do, KEEP YOUR COOL. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN SOMEONE MIGHT MISINTERPRET YOUR LOVE FOR THE SUBJECT FOR INTEREST IN THE PERSON WHOM YOU ARE DISCUSSING THE SUBJECT YOU LOVE WITH.

And above all, know where to draw the line and COMMUNICATE PROPERLY . It might take a while to get it into my head but eventually, yeah.





Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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