In one word : TOTALLY EPIC.
I came across this series on tumblr when I was just scrolling through and behold, his red hair and skateboard popped up. As any curious person would, I looked it up. And thus began my plunge into the world of Detentionaire. Plus, he’s Asian. I’m Asian. Coincidence? I think not.

Lee Ping, a student at A. Nigma High shows up for the first day of high school, tenth grade with his buddy Camillio Martinez and Holger Holgaart. Oh, and his mom is a teacher at the same school. He likes this girl, Tina Kwee and they’re basically childhood friends but of course it’s ‘totally not cool’ to have someone know that you like someone else because of high school mentality or whatever. News spread that the principal has ‘mysteriously disappeared’ and a mandatory assembly was coming up to meet the new principal. Principal General Barage is the replacement for Mr Wurst and he is a cyborg, assisted by very ladylike Vice Principal Victoria (whom nobody suspects, I’m sure). Lee has to wizz though, so he takes off when he can’t stand it.

For some reason, he is the only one missing from the assembly (That will come in later). As he is relieving his bladder, there’s this beeping sound. He just thinks it’s annoying, but little does he know shiz is going down at the assembly. This crazy song blasts from the speakers, green paint comes out from the sprinklers, frogs are everywhere, stink bombs away and basically chaos ensues.

So he’s done and makes his jolly way back to the auditorium/gym/I can’t remember and when he slams the doors open, he starts laughing at the mess and totally whacked prank everyone got into. Of course, everyone thinks he did it. After all, he slammed open the doors right after the sprinklers, music and stink bombs stopped. And as principal, General Barage decides to punish him with AN ENTIRE YEAR of detention. Yeah, a year. 365 days, 52 weeks (Only school days of course).

OF course, most people give him the stinkeye, but the skaters and DOD (Dudes of Darkness) acknowledge the badassery of the prank and cheerleaders giggle when passing by him. So Cam thinks of it as his ladder up to popular-dom. Lunch comes around and he is sent to detention as well, because all free time is detention time. By the way, I love the DOD. That hat is just so cool.

In detention, he meets Biffy, big and buff loner and bully-ish kind of guy who knits and loves cats. Lee claims his innocence but Biffy doesn’t buy it, so they make a tag team and Biff helps Lee to sneak out of detention because it’s either that or he gives him a beating. So he gets out and tries to grab the camera left behind in the mess but it’s taken away and he runs out of time and sneaks back into detention just in time.

And thus begins the life of Lee Ping’s tenth grade. He sneaks out of detention everyday so he can prove to Barage that he didn’t do it. Oh, and there’s this school mascot, the Tatzelwurm, which is this (I should also mention) red snake-guardian-thing who’s a protector from ancient times or something like that. Again, that comes into play later.

I don’t know about you, but if that didn’t hook you in, I have basically no words for you. Please take the time to watch it. PLEASE. PLEASE. IT’S ONLY FOUR SEASONS, 53 EPISODES. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT I NEED SOMEONE TO UNDERSTAND THIS FEELING.
I literally finished this in 4 days. I’m not even kidding. And IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO END LIKE THAT THERE’S SUPPOSED TO BE ONE MORE SEASON WHY DID IT GET CANCELLED OH MY GODS I CANNOT PROCESS THIS. Outrageous, I tell you.

Right so then his popularity shoots through the stratosphere (as he puts it) but he still has to prove that he didn’t do it because a year of detention for something he didn’t do is just not worth it. Also he’s grounded for the rest of the year as well because his mom was also … pranked. Glamazon Brandy says they are officially dating since he is the most popular tenth grader now who has a tendency to call him Leeping and yada yada to impress Glamazon leader Kimmie and something happens bla bla blah you have to watch this yourself to get it.

So things get weird as cleaners Barage bring in, the Hazmats are actually robots and everyone has significant contribution to the plot. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoiler anyone. And things get weirder and weirder (not to mention dangerous) but the Lee Ping and the conspiracy gang just manage to save their asses in time every single time.
But seriously, it has SO MUCH MORE potential and it’s just a really good watch. I have only praise for this series. (Maybe one complaint: IT’S NOT COMPLETE YET PLEASE) It’s not boring, it has engaging characters, it’s plot twists are sometimes surprising, it’s fairly more intelligent that I expected and there is literally never a dull moment. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone interested or not. You just have to give it a shot.


And because I love the show so much, here’s Lee Ping again. (I just checked the wiki, and now I’m not sure if his name is Lee or Ping anymore.) [okay I just checked. His name is Lee, his last name is Ping.]

Lee Ping. Generally your main character material. Smart, handsome, efficient, pretty athletic and quite the charmer. And he has red hair and for some reason a blue tattoo/birthmark thing that’s always been there or whatever. (I’m just playing cool.)


That’s the Tatzelwurm. Red snake-like guardian thing. VERY smart. And adorbs.

the Pocket Monster,
who totally KNOWS Tina Lee-Kwee is going to be a thing. (what if she wants to keep her maiden name as well? ;D)


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