I’ve been avoiding this guy. To tell you the whole story all over again is pathetic, so I’ll simplify this a lot. I met this guy at this party and we chatted a bit, well a lot and he was pretty fun to talk to and so we chatted some more online and then I maybe started liking him and he maybe started liking me idk and he started saying flirty things and I got uncomfortable and he asked me out for a movie and I got super weirded out and I said no and I slowly started avoiding him because this whole scenario was making me uncomfortable and so I have been avoiding him since.

He still wants to talk. I just, don’t. :c I’m not sure why … well, I am. He’s so nosy. THERE I SAID IT. HE’S SO FUCKING NOSY. GAWDSTOPASKINGWHATIDOEVERYSINGLEDAYSHUTUPSTOPTALKINGTOMEGEEZ. He’s a nice guy. I just … don’t know how to juggle that niceness with my not wanting to be nice to him. So … I have been avoiding my social responsibilities.

I’m sorry, I know it’s mean and petty and stupid and I didn’t really give him a proper explanation on why I avoided him but I just don’t want to deal . with this, with that, with anything basically. :C

Also, driving is hard work. Sorry to the person I refused to give way to today ><

The Pocket Monster.


Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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