Thank You, Thought Catalog, For Publishing Racist Satire

Thought Catalog

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I’ve been reading articles here since your founding in 2010. During this time we’ve had our ups and downs. Between incisive topical pieces and relatable musings, there have also been lists for lists’ sake and directionless babblings. Ultimately, however, I’ve found your encouragement of voice and expression admirable.

So imagine not only my shock but also my disappointment upon reading Anne Gus’s “Asian Women Need to Stop Dating White Men.” This offensive, insensitive and ignorant article had been published and disseminated via a media outlet I previously viewed as progressive and innovative. This is not what I come here for.

I’m not saying that by publishing Gus’ article, her viewpoints—whether genuine or a case of poorly (RE: abysmally) executed “satire” are in any way representative of Thought Catalog. Indeed, I thank you for subsequently issuing Macy Sto. Domingo’s razor-sharp rebuttal. In my response, I address a…

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