Remember that time?

when I said I would upload every Monday? Screw it. Just forget it. I suck. I’m just seriously too lazy. I’m such a procrastinator. Dammit. 

Sorry. And also, remember when I said I would post about books? I can’t do that right now. Because I am reading a book. [finally, geez] Yes, yes, I know. I’m horrible with deadlines. But I’m still learning. Trying. Whatever, you get the point. 


I’m reading the Kane Chronicles Rick Riordan right now. So far so good, it’s a fresh … um, thing(?) compared to his other works. It’s based on Egyptian mythology instead of Greek/Roman right now. I’m enjoying it [sorta]. I’ve only finished like 6 chapters so … it’s pretty good. 

Will update after I finish book 1, which is called the Red Pyramid. 

And I state ‘AFTER’ and not ‘AS SOON AS’. So it might be a few days or something. 


Best wishes,


the Pocket Monster. 



Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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