Fresh Start.

Alright, I know I suck at keeping track of things. I really should get a hold of myself and start fresh. (5 months into the year). Whatever. Just let me do this anyway. 

From now on, I’ll update every … what’s a nice day to update stuff on … I can’t do Tuesday, since I have tuition and I’m simply too lazy to do anything about that. Sunday’s the same. I don’t really want to do anything on the weekends, so let’s put it on a weekday. Tuesday is out – tuition. Monday? It’s the start of the weekdays, right? I mean … 


So yeah. Mondays it is. Which means I have to post something in here tomorrow. 

Speaking of tomorrow, its a holiday. [yaaaay…] It’s supposed to be a happy day, until you find out the reason why. 

Today, as in Sunday, as in probably right now, today is election day. That means every four years, we elect for a new goverment and things like that. I don’t really know the details, because, well, I’m just a kid, and I don’t really enjoy talking about politics. It bores me, and it’s not really a ‘good’ topic. It’s not uninteresting, it just doesn’t strike me as a nice topic to chat or converse about. Especially with my country’s given history. 

I hope things work out for the better. I don’t know what to future will be, with all the politics going on. It’s not even safe to go out on the streets. It’s not even safe to go out on the streets. I just had to stress that. It makes me sad, knowing what it has become. Our, my country has so much potential. We have the resources, the land, the … people. We just need to come together to work on improving our standards and such. 

The guy who created the USB (hold on lemme google this …) sorry, invented the USB, Pua Khein Seng. [I’m not sure if I should post the name of my country so I’ll just not do it for now…] Apparently his idea was ‘silly’ according to his university, so he left to Taiwan to make his idea a success. Guess what? It’s a huge freaking success now. 

Jimmy Choo’s? Also from my country.

You see? The people have so much potential!! Me? Well, I don’t know. I’m just … silly little me, trying to find my way through the end of this year while figuring out a proper college to attend with the right course as a career while being able to earn money and love my future job and not let down my parents/family with whatever it is I want to do. All while juggling school life, social life, personal life and … well, just about everything a teen can do. [Also, I just realized that I have now changed to subject to being me.] 

I don’t know, I’m a mess right now. I’ll try to update about a book tomorrow, or 5. or 8. Her lips curl into a creepy smile. ‘Prepare to join a fandom,’ she says, with a knowing glint in her eyes. 

Confused as always,

the Pocket Monster. 


Author: charlinosaur

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