There’s just something about kids that just makes you want to squish them. Literally. 

But then again, there’s more than that. Sometimes, they’re just kids. Amazing, funny, adorable kids. 

I met a kid at the clinic today. He was cute. Sick, too. (that was probably obvious since we were at the clinic). I took one look at him and I thought, ‘Have Mercy.‘ Just kidding. I thought he was super freaking adorable I wanted to cuddle with him and squeeze his cheeks and make him laugh. He couldn’t be more than …. 6. I’m betting his age at 6. He was adorable. I was looking at the magazines next to where he was sitting with his mom, and he was like “hey sis, what are you reading?” -cutest.thing.ever.-

So then I told him I was reading a magazine. And then I offered him one. And then he took it. He was really sweet. 

Then I started playing with him. He was really cute. He asked me what those little things were and I said they were germs. And I did the whole ‘roarrr I’ma eat you with my hands’ thing with him. And then he said he was scared. Aw, poor thing. So cute. And then I got my meds. And then I left. I didn’t even say goodbye. What a bad person I am . :c

Anyway, its just those little moments that make you happy, you know? Those random interactions you have with strangers … it just. yeah. Happy. 


Well, I’m sick. I have a freaking sinus infection. Again. eff. Stupid. 



the Pocket Monster.



Author: charlinosaur

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