Exams are coming up.


It is 3 days away. Literally. I have yet to finish revising. The bright side is, there are a total of 7 out of 12 chapters of Sejarah that I have learned to not have to study. 

Anyway, exams got me thinking. What the hell do I want to do when I grow up? Take more exams?! No way. Also, exams get me imagining. Because I really don’t want to study but the gears in my brain are forced to rotate, I have roughly 5 different stories that have popped up in my head. I don’t know why. Maybe because all the energy I have have nowhere to go, except to the wonderful world of imagination … 



Also, speaking of careers, I don’t have much to say except that Animal Behaviour is an interesting subject, except that I would probably have to do lots of research and things like conduct experimentation and so on. Which I would not like to do. I want to be an animal-friendly person … besides the meat-eating part, of course. 


Well, I should go study now. But I probably won’t, until after dinner. 

Wish me luck anyways,

Or not. Ykno. 



The Pocket Monster.


Author: charlinosaur

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