Books :- Prologue.

I’ve decided (spontaneously) to list out all the books I have/have read here soon. Probably after the exams. Although I would jump on the chance to get away from studying. Studying is still important.

Also, I would probably make myself review these books, just for the sake of it. 🙂 Books are one the most amazing things in the world [created by mankind] after all.

Well, I hope to update soon. Excited about the books I have to upload on. I bought 17 books in the Big Bad Wolf sale and 14 in the aftersale. -happy dance- So, a total of … 31 books to devour (although I have already read about 2 and a half [which is on hold anyway]). Soon, my darlings. Soon. A look of hunger crosses her eyes, as her lips curl into a crooked smile, staring at the pile of unsuspecting books. 

Okay, that’s enough.



The Pocket Monster.


Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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