I’m very tired.

Yesterday I stayed up until 3 because at 12 we had to pray and … well, burn  things for a certain god so we did and the fireworks didn’t stop until really late so I ended up sleeping at 3 in the morning. Then my dad decided to ask why I wanted to skip school and seeing as I had no reason, I went. 

So now I am super tired and want to sleep. 

Also, a classmate who is actually really into kpop suddenly talked to me on fb chat. Go kpop fans! 8D 

Another thing, I am now a Nerdfighter. 😀 I haven’t actually joined anything yet but … yeah. I’ll get to that when I’m not super tired. DFTBA!! 

Okay, goodnight.

After tumblr. >:D



the Pocket Monster. 

also now a Nerdfighter.


Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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