I guess an introduction is well … proper, I think. 

Hi, I’m Charley the Dinosaur- … no, that won’t do. It’s a stupid way to start an intro- what the fishsticks am I doing, jeez?

Let’s start over, shall we?

I’m Charley. That’s not my real name, but you don’t have to know anything personal. Yet, I suppose. 

Anyway, it’s 2 in the morning, I don’t know why I’m doing this right now, at this moment, but you know what they say, right? It’s always the late night talks that tell the most about someone. 

Alright. A bit of biography, I guess, just for the heck of it. 

I’m 16 going on 17 this year, and lots of things are piling up on me right now. The future. I’m very, very worried and confused on what I want to do. I’m going through what Danisnotonfire said to be a permanent existential crisis. Watch his video to find out. 


Well, I’m a typical Asian, in a stereotypical Asian world in an average Malaysian town. I have black hair that is brown in the sunlight (because I literally stood in the sunlight for that. I’m very stupid, yes, I know) and average brown eyes. 

I’m … I’m a very boring person, really. I like many things, especially Youtubers at the moment. I don’t know what else to say. 


Author: charlinosaur

you don't need to know.

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